Welcome to the commissions page.

There are a variety of artistic services offered here periodically through out the year. All of the listings are USD and serve as a a general guide line.

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Seasonal and Discount Information


Looking for Information on Convention Badges?

Status: Open. 2018 Badge Borders in Progress.


Patreon Discounts

 Patron discounts are applied to the total order unless stated otherwise.



One: $20

Three (Of One Character): $50


Social Media 

Avatar (square, 500 x 500 pixels): $25

Banner: $55

Twitter Combo (Matching Avatar and Banner): $70


Monochromatic: $20

Full Colour: $25 (Two for $40)



The headshot, busts, and large painted avatars:

Line Art:  $25

Monochromatic: $30

Full Colour: $40


Character Paintings

Line art: $35

Monochromatic: $70

Flat Colour: $80

Full Colour (Cell Shaded): $95

Full Colour(Painted): $120

Additional characters and complex backgrounds background may be taken under consideration for quotes.


Comic Pages

Line Art: $80 per page

Monochromatic/ Limited Colour: $110 per page

Full Colour: $180 per page

Discounts for large orders avalible.

Thank you for your interest. 

All of the listings above are a general guide line for work. Please fill out the form below (or send an email to firecatrich@gmail.com) for a custom quote based on your needs and timeline.

Final products are presented to the client only after full payment has been received. Payment can be made via PayPal.