Commissions 2019!

Personal commissions: open

Commercial work: open

Business Inquiries: FireCatRich@gmail.com

There are a variety of artistic services offered here periodically through out the year. All of the listings are USD and serve as a a general guide line.

First time here? Please be sure to review the TOS!



25 USD


Social Media

Avatar (square, 500 x 500 pixels): 30 USD

Banner: 60 USD
Price of banners may vary based on level of detail.

Combo (Matching Avatar and Banner): 80 USD


40 USD

Highly Detail Starting at 60 USD



The headshot, busts, and large painted avatars:

70 USD



Characters, Environments, and More!

Full Colour (Hard Shading): 160 USD

Full Colour(Rendered/Soft Shadows): 200 USD

Additional characters and complex backgrounds background may be taken under consideration for quotes.


Q) What is the difference between hard shading and soft rendering?

A) The images below highlight the differences between these two looks in the same picture. Hard shading has a crisp, clear look that often lends itself well to small pieces. Rendered images have more nuance in the light and shadow but are much more time consuming to produce.


Q) How do you collect payment?

A) An invoice via paypal will be sent to your email and payment may be made through their secure portal.

Q) What is average turn around for a finished piece?

A) The average piece is completed within two weeks of an approved sketch. If this is not going to be the case, there will be communication with a revised delivery schedule.