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Here you will able to find everything from adoptables, character designs, PYP (pick your poison aka your character here) options, and more. These items have a set price and can be procured by sending an email to firecatrich@gmail.com or the order form at the bottom of this place. Please be sure to include the item number(s) you are interested in!

Offerings here change regularly so check back often.

Pick Your Poison (Your Character Here)

Rough sketches are made to illustrate pose and suggest details. Gender, clothing, and other details can be added, removed, or changed upon time of order. 

 A01 - 60 USD

A01 - 60 USD

 A02 - 60 USD

A02 - 60 USD

 C01 - 20 USD

C01 - 20 USD




Chocolate rabbit just in time for Easter!

Item Number: E02

Price: 50 USD

Includes design and high resolution pin up with and without foil wrapping.

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Offerings here change regularly so check back often!