Here you will find a brief description of all my projects and where you can find more information for each. If you are looking for a more extensive collection of individual art pieces please check out my portfolio.


My most recent en devour has been on Patreon. It is a platform that lets fans show support for the content that they love. A monthly tip allows me to focus on my work and interact more with my patrons. Patrons will get sneak peeks of my works-in-progress and get to see my finished work before everyone else. 

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Artist in Progress

Artist in Progress: A timeline of artistic evolution. A place to catalog the journey of improvement in a meaningful way. It’s important to see the change over time and know that it will continue to evolve into the future.



Sigmar the hedgehog is my work companion and she is subject of most of my photography. She has her own instagram that is updated multiple times a week:


31 days, 31 ink drawings on a quest to improve and develop positive drawing habits. Thousands of artists every year take the challenge every October. Taking part is easy it requires an artist to draw a new drawing every day, post it online, and tag it with #inktober. 


Legend (3D Stereo Compositor): Fast paced studio work as a visual effects artist on mainstream movies. This work focuses on taking video footage through all compositing processes and techniques including but not limited to: matte painting, rig removal, rotoscope, tracking, and set extensions. 

To see a full list of movie titles please visit IBDb Page:

Spy Battle 2165 (2D Artist/Illustrator) is a text based, browser mmo that launched in 2008 by SHG Studios. My primary role was to help transition much of the text based interactions to icon based game play and give the game an over all visual uplift. There were several competing art styles and picking one that attempted to hit the high point of each already present style and pushing the game to a more modern look was one of my primary roles. The servicing of this aging game took place over about 30 days. The game is free to play and available at

The Calm Before (Concept/Texture Artist) is an adventure platformer made over the school term of 2014-2015 at the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy. Currently I am one of 20 participants selected for the post graduate leadership program and function as the primary concept artist. The program focus on leadership and the game is a tool to explore creative and production leadership within a game studio. Every three weeks the leadership positions rotate such that every participant is given an opportunity to lead. My other duties include environmental, architectural, and texture work for The Calm Before. More information about this project can before found here:


Warcrimes (Concept Artist) a community project to produce a 10-part machinima series base on the novel by the same name by Cristie Golden. Expect the 10-part machinima to come out mid or late 2016. You can follow @Finalbosstv on twitter for updates 

Red Sun  (Creative Director/Concept Artist) is a four month vertical slice that was made as a student capstone problem at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada in 2014. A vertical slice represents a cross section of a game with in this particular case focused on player movement, abilities, and puzzle navigation. This is not a complete game and contains only a tutorial level and one full puzzle level. We presented the project on August 22nd at Sheridan College.

My responsibility on the project was to act as creative director and concept artist on the full time 4 man team (the team swelled to around 7 including part time musicians, an audio tech, and animator). This project was under my super vision through out its initial conception, team building, green light, and finally production of the vertical slice. To this end, I constructed the in initial pitch presentation, green light pitch presentation, and constructed the game design document. Additional tasks that I took on as need included but were not limited to maintaining the development blog, development of a portion of the level layout, level building, and basic scripting in Unity. Below is additional concept art and useful links for more information on the project.

Go to the development blog:

The game is available for download and recommended to be played on Windows 7 and higher, windowed, 1920X1080 resolution, and the quality setting fantastic.

Download the game from Google Drive: