Sprites, Pixel Art, and Icons

The projects below focus primarily on the user interface and user experience related work. This page includes theming, UI framing elements, and icons.

They are listed chronologically with the newest at the top of the page.

Wasteland Heroes (SHG Studios, 2016)

Icons of various descriptions for the mobile title Wasteland Heroes. The designing and creation of the crystal crabs (left) and their evolution from tiny shards to full size was a part of this project I was particularly proud of taking charge of. They served as a cute, bright form of currency in the title. 

Spy Battle 2165 (SHG Studios, Original release 2008)

New icon set to support the 8 year old text based title. The primary focus of the set was to migrate interactions from a strictly texted based system to an icon interface. 

Evil Em-PIE-re (Evil Empire)

Small flash game built as part of the Jolly Game Jam 2015 (48 hour event). The objective of the game was to control as many of the pie tins with your colour (player colours being purple or teal) with the ever present threat of evil that was the board working against the players in a three turn based way battle for supremacy.

I See You (Test Animation)

16 square spite sheet made for a 24 hour game jam. The eye was made to be used in conjunction with a programmatically constructed body for a physics driven mini-game. 

Red Sun Tutorial Buttons

Clear, easy to read tutorial buttons for xbox controller and keyboard.